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Bonus Bits

Canada 1

First came The Milk Festival in Toronto.

This was our venue, The Harbourfront Centre.

In fact we were in here.

This little boat was made

from milk cartons.

Our crates.

We didn’t  realise Toronto was on Lake Ontario so all this water came as a bit of a surprise.

Mind you the “Harbourfront” should have been a bit of a clue.

We were however fully aware of Niagara Falls.

Although there were some surprises.

So Toronto was first, then Alberta.

Some of the other performance tents.

Fabby bridge that was next to our tent.

After a week we packed the show away and set off to the rail station in Edmonton.

These were the crew that serviced the trains. The trains are so long that the whole group operated on roller blades.

As soon as we got there we were told that the train was running 3 hours late.

Big train, long track apparently this sort of delay is common.

So common in fact that they have a plan.

Station master drives off to a supermarket, comes back with food and wheels out a Barbecue.

Short stop over at Jasper.


And a pleasant

break with

our friend