hong kong

We had just under 3 days here so we did not plan too much, deciding each

morning what we would do.

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And this is where we stayed,

The Hop Inn.

Great isn’t it?

This was actually the most expensive place we stayed at in China.

What it lacked in terms of space it more than made up for in terms of location.

Just turn a corner, short walk down a street and you get here.

In the most popular spots around Hong Kong there is free, fast Wi Fi.

Something Jen took advantage of to have Facetime chats with her sister back in Bolton.

Day 1 was walk, walk, walk everywhere.

No plan.

One surprise was coming across the Zoological Gardens.

It gave us a chance to compare our Scarlet Ibis puppet with the real thing.

Day 2 we had a good idea - head out of town.

We had been on the ferries across the harbour and we decided to take a ferry to some of the nearby islands.

Very excited to come across this Temple. We have been working on a particular visual idea for a new show and here we found some interesting examples of it. Many photos taken.

Day 3 train to Diamond Hill to visit the Nan Lian Garden and Nunnery.

Our “night office” on the roof of the Hop Inn.

Our 2 weeks in Macau, a former Portuguese territory, was a gentle first contact with China. As we were often told “When you cross the border it’s a different world”.

Similarly our few days in Hong Kong, with the British heritage evident, was the perfect place to get ready to come home.

What was the whole experience like?

It was fabulous.