We encountered several creatures during our China trip. Some familiar, some not.

Look hard and you will not see the creature featured here, neither could we.

We don’t know what they were but they feasted on our legs thoughout the trip.

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I’ve shown the venue cat before but there was also a venue dog. Did not enjoy the heat.

Songbirds in the park swapping songs.

A butterfly house in a Macau casino.

Fish in a Macau park.

Fish in a Macau park, and friend.

Temple cat.

Blue eyed, gold eyed ferrell cat in the park.

This chap’s party piece was to poop on a postcard sized piece of paper the moment the owner put it on the floor. We were given a demo.

The less talented would use these sandpits.

The Cat, the Songbird and the Dog.

Can’t see anything myself.


Found this on the table one morning at the River Retreat in Yangshuo.

Came across this lot during a bike ride in the country.




A few miles further on and... was only when you got downwind that the smell kicked in.

Every morning they set off to the fields.

Back every evening for a bath.

Photographing the small stuff proved to be quite tricky.

Especially the quick little darty things.

Still, with a bit of patience.

Helped a lot when they were dessicated.

Or chained.