After our 2 weeks in Macau we crossed the border into mainland China, caught a bus to Guangzhou, travelled on a sleeper train (more about that later) and arrived in the city of Guilin.

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Why all the Hotel pictures?

Because Jen’s sisters both asked:-

“What were the rooms like?

What were the bathrooms like?”

We only had two days here so no time for the Macau type wandering and exploring.

Day 1 - The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Area.

A logical choice as our Hotel was right in the middle of it.

Then we met this character.

“I love English Football.

I support Manchester Utd.

I teach English.

Could I walk with you to practice my pronunciation?”

Down by the river.

“Would you like to go on boat?

I can get you a good price.”

Well you know where this

is going.

After our very short and

expensive boat ride we

decided not to buy any of

the 8 teas we sampled at his

family tea shop, said goodbye and became independent travellers again.

The man who approached us 10 minutes later, “Hello I teach mathematics...” was ignored.

We did spot what appears to be the smallest McDonalds in the World. The only one in Guilin, KFC has the place sewn up.

An anti spitting campaign was evident throughout the city and appeared to be working.

Day 2 - Jingjiang Princes' City

Well the big sign outside was promising,

a 14th Century Ming Dynasty Palace.

And here we are approaching it.


Looks a bit plain but

appears to be in good condition.

And then you get to this sign.

The stairs were very nice, as indeed were the railings.

To be honest most of the site

was a tiny bit shabby and tatty.

But one thing they could not muck

up was Solitary Beauty Peak.

It’s basically a huge Karst hill in

the middle of the complex.

With a measured pace it does not

take long to get to the top.

In the distance we got our first glimpse of where we would be heading next.

So, back down and we pass by this quite singular sign.

If you would like to read it we have a

high resolution version - just click on

the picture or click here.

Walking back through the 2 Rivers 4 Lakes area at night we came across a group of around 50 women engaged in community dancing. One woman at the front would lead, the others followed.

They were dancing to a Chinese version of the song from Titanic.

It was really quite moving.

Of course Jen had to join in.

Cross the bridge and what do we find - another 50, this time doing more traditional Chinese dances.

Around the corner and another, larger, group doing an unusual almost Chinese Indian fusion dance.

Anyway, we have video of each group and we will try to get it up.

Check back later.

The final treat. The bridges were lit underneath, rather beautiful. We are both suckers for magical lighting effects.