Hotel Riviera was our base during our 2 weeks in Macau.

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A-Ma Temple

Arriving on the Monday, but not performing till the Saturday, meant we had plenty of time to do the tourist bit. Jen took the lead and on average we would be walking around Macau for 12 hours a day.

Most of the  temples we visited used these incense spiral cones. The atmosphere could be quite overwhelming and generally you would smell a temple before you saw it.

Being a temple we assumed the personal messages scratched on the bamboo would be religious sentiments. Closer study revealed that this was not always the case.

Merchant’s House

It was a sudden and very heavy downpour that made us shoot into the Merchant’s House, a beautifully preserved collection of buildings.

Open sections of roofing meant you could enjoy the rain indoors.

The picture on the left is a view out of one of the windows showing apartments around the Merchant’s House.

One of our favourite places in Macau was this open library - beautiful gardens, cool areas and free wi-fi.

Most of our mainland China trip was planned here.

Arriving at the venue for the first day of performing.

Between shows we would pop into the park next door. We were really impressed with all the parks we saw in China, beautifully maintained and really well used.

People used to bring their songbirds so they could learn songs from other birds.

Most parks had exercise furniture and it was very popular, particularly with the elderly.

Taipa Island

Connected to Macau via 3 bridges Taipa is a growing residential area and home to some Mega Casinos.

It is an extraordinary example of land reclamation.

From a distance that Casino looks a bit like Venice.

Inside it looked like this.

In another Casino real Butterflies were housed in this extraordinary sphere, housed in this extraordinary hall.

All over Macau we came across this scene.

The pre-Wedding photoshoot.

Hotel Lisboa.

The huge hotel and Casino in the centre of Macau. If we ever got lost we just located the Lisboa and worked out where we were from that.

Of course it really came into its own at night, like a monumental firework display and with the lights and images on the rounded base constantly revolving and changing.

Our day in Macau usually ended here in our “night office”. It was a public park, near the Hotel, and it had super fast free wi-fi.

We often shared the space late at night with a young girl who spent all her time watching You Tube videos about make up tips.

We would download the pictures we had taken and at the end of every night we would say to each other “Isn’t this great?”

Reviewing the pictures we had taken we would each identify places we would like to return to.

On the last night, walking down a narrow alley, a door suddenly opened.

I managed to get this picture.

The door closed.

The cat on the right, the bird on the left and the dog on the floor

are real.

I would like to go back to that shop.