How we got around.

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Walkway in Manchester Airport

Coach from Leeds

Flight to Doha

Transfer to Hong Kong flight

Ferry to Macau

Little Buses

Big Coaches

Cable Car

Bamboo Boat

Curved Escalator

On Foot

Ferries around Hong Kong

Ferries to the Islands

By Bike

How others did it.

3 wheels were very popular

So was 3 to a bike

We were really looking forward to this -coach to Guangzhou - sleeper train to Guilin.

The trip to Guangzhou , 75 miles, took about an hour and a half.

The drive through the suburbs to the centre, took about 3 hours.

Guangzhou is huge, the 3rd largest city in China, population about 13 million,

and most of them appeared to be at the train station.

We had no time, or space, to take photos there, a quick image search for

“Guangzhou train station” will show why.

Tickets bought, train boarded, we started to unpack. Loved the compartment, 4 bunks and just us.

A guard appeared, pointed to the tickets, pointed to our rucksacks and then pointed down the corridor.

We passed 10 other empty compartments and were shown into ours. We were sharing with 2 middle aged, uncommunicative Chinese gentlemen. 1 was reading a dubious magazine, the other was watching a tiny DVD player.

We spent most of the evening in the corridor watching China go by.

After the sun set we retired to the dining car.

Meals were over so it was just us and the staff.

Angry Birds on the iPad kept us entertained for a couple of hours but just before midnight we went back to the compartment.

A fitful sleep followed for me.

At about 4 in the morning the train pulled into a station for a short stop over.

I popped out to see what there was to see.

This was what there was to see.

We were back in the dining car at 6 in the morning.

That morning we passed through about a dozen stations, some large, some tiny.

At every one a single official, full uniform, standing on a small circular platform, would raise a baton and salute the passing train.

After another 3 hours of watching China pass by we arrived in Guilin.

The Sleeper Train.
“Some Like it Hot” - Not.
The Sleeper Bus.
“Harry Potter - The Knight Bus” - Not.

Our final journey in mainland China was a 12 hour bus ride from Yangshou to Shenzhen,

the border crossing point to Hong Kong.

Apparently catching this bus is an art, not a science. The pick up point changed all the time so the Hotel arranged the tickets and picked a Taxi driver who knew where the bus would be.

She dropped us of by a petrol station. No buses, no bus stops, no queue waiting for a bus.

We fell into conversation with an American who lived in Yangshou, he taught English, and he said “Don’t worry. It will come. I won’t be on time but it will come.”

An hour later the bus arrives, rucksacks stored away, get on board and we are given little plastic bags. “It’s for your shoes.” Looking down the bus - no seats - instead there were 3 rows of beds on 2 levels.

They are my legs there on the left, Jen and our new friend were just behind.

So, we entered China seated,

spent most of our time there vertical,

walking and riding around

and we left it lying down.

Behind Jen

And right next to her.

The entertainment was watching China through the window, watching a bizarre selection of variety shows on the monitors and watching new passengers try to get settled before the rather mad drivers set off at speed.

We have a little Quicktime movie

pan around the bus here.