venue & shows

The Festival was The 23rd. Arts Festival of Macau.

The venue was set in Casa Garden.

It came complete with a security team and a cat.

For two weekends we performed for public audiences. The show was very well received, which was a great relief for us, but the most peculiar part was the adult/child split.

There were more adults than children.

During the week we performed to classes from local schools. This was fascinating. Groups ranged in age from fourteen down to six year olds.

The standout highlight of our entire month in China was the performing experience we had with this bunch of six year olds.

From the beginning to the end they created their own narration. They were totally into it: spontaneous applause when the Eagle caught the snake and the Desert transformed into the Rainforest, counting the eggs the Crocodile dropped into the nest and, when the Fantail fish entered, they burst into song.

If you have Quicktime installed have a listen to their response to the Fantail fish.

If you have Quicktime have a peek at our part in the official Festival trailer.

The man with the camera is the Festival Videographer. He filmed all the Festival events for their official archive.

He actually came and filmed four of our performances.

As he said “I like it too much.”

Lovely bloke, we would really like to see that film.

Two other visitors were this pair of remarkably glamourous TV hosts from Shanghai. They spent much of their piece creeping about the tent being scared of all the animal puppets.

The interview was most peculiar as it concentrated on how long we had been in love.

And of course it’s all in High Definition. That’s one bit of film we don’t want to see.

So, a big thank you to Filipa (on the phone of course) and everyone who helped us.

We absolutely loved our time at the festival.

People kept telling us this is a “once in a lifetime” trip. We hope not.

Finish with a fact. We performed to:-

0.000026% of the population of China.

The chance to do more would be nice.

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