yangshuo 1

For our stay in Yangshuo we decided to spread it between 2 hotels.

This is a 180 degree panorama from the roof of the first- the Li River Retreat.

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We absolutely loved

this place.

We loved our room with this beautiful moon door.

And how about this for a view from your window.

From the roof we could look down the valley and see the town of yangshou next to the river and surrounded by  hills.

It was about 25 minutes to walk into town and this we did, by different routes, for the first couple of days.

We took a bus north and did the bamboo boat thing back down the river.

Jen did the negotiating for the price as she is our designated - “people person.”

The trip - there was simply too much to take in.

I have never experienced “360  degree extraordinary” before.

The drop off point was this village.

In this small cafe the iPad went “bing”

and we realised we were net connected.

This meant that Jen, in a small village in China, could have a Facetime chat with her sister in Bolton.

Wash the feet and back to the Li River Retreat.

Next day the big breakthrough - we hire a couple of bikes.

Like kids getting their first bike for Christmas we were basically never out of the saddle for the next week.

The most exciting bit? This, when the road literally stopped and you had no idea what was around the corner.

We only had 4 nights at the Li River Retreat.

The place was great, the setting was great, the Staff were great.

The owner, Alf, an Aussie, has set up something really rather special here. The cost? It was the least expensive place we stayed in.

One regret, we never quite managed to get a good picture of

the distant Yangshou at night.

Maybe next time.