yangshuo 2

Our second hotel was the “Yangshuo Mountain Retreat”.

Unlike the “River Retreat” it wasn’t in the mountains but it was right next to the river.

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It was next to a fairly busy road which meant it was less “retreaty” and it was larger, fully booked and attracted a different type of clientele.

“River” was mostly foreign visitors,

“Mountain” had many Chinese guests.

The view from our balcony and, like I said, a different type of clientele.

Yangshou town is very tourist orientated so for this reason, and because I was getting fed up of being photographed, every day was a big bike ride day.

This hotel was the other side of town which meant we were into the countryside quicker.

That meant we could travel deeper in and see more of rural China.

Jen spotted these posters. You never saw this stuff in the town.

One thing that really surprised us was how, beyond the main crops and the rice fields, every spare scrap of land was used to grow food. No hobby horticulture here, it’s clearly serious stuff.

And of course the best food was in the country.

One thing they don’t do is decent maps.

This was a very common sight.

Still, if your’e going to get lost this is the place to do it.

If we did get very lost we just sought out the river.

Everything revolves around the river.

Follow the bamboo boats and you end up just outside our hotel room.

Riding back we were often treated to some fabulous skies.

And sunsets.

Jen enjoying a sunset.

Me enjoying a sunset.