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Hong Kong

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In which we get

to eat fabby food,

buy some tea

and stay in

interesting places.

After just a few days in her company Jen’s passion about food will become apparent to anyone.

So she was delighted when one lunchtime Ball, Edward and Trevor Ho offered to take us for a proper, full on, Chinese lunch.

As mentioned before Tuen Mun is not a tourist town so proper restaurants do not have menus with English, there are no pictures for us to point at.

Ball did the ordering, which appeared to be a very complex affair, in fact we thought he was filling in a betting slip.

First up, the Tea.

With Ball

playing Mum.

And then it arrived... wave...

...after wave.

They thought they may have had us with the various stomachs and Chicken feet but Jen took it all on.

Thank you boys.

That was very special.

A couple of days later and we were taken to a market to buy some proper Chinese Tea.

How to prepare it, how to serve it, how to drink it and how to store it were all explained.

Before the shows, and for a few days after, we were back staying at the Hop Inn:-

- Cheap and cheerful.

- Slap bang in the middle of the City.

- Has an open terrace.

Okay, not the best view in the world, and that air conditioning was loud, but - cheap and cheerful.

All change with our Hotel during the shows.

Views aplenty from our room on the 18th floor. Never really got a good picture of this at night but we loved falling asleep watching the boats and ships (small, large and huge) sailing out of Hong Kong in the dark.

Another view from our room: Jen being followed up and down the pool by a conscientious, and possibly bored, lifeguard.

Along with the views the Hotel breakfasts were also really rather good.

And the daily trips in Mr.Chan’s bus often brought us unusual sights.

Dogs in prams?

We saw this quite a lot - Who would have guessed?

Finally, some thank you messages.

First up The Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Thank you for the invitation.

It was only as we were walking around Hong Kong that the scale and nature of their work began to dawn on us.

They are everywhere.

Check out their website...

...and prepare to be stunned.

Our next thank you is to Dreamy. She was our first contact and as a manager for  the Multi-Arts Team we suspect that she did a great deal of work to make sure our visit happened.

We did meet - Day 1 of shows, lots of people about, lots to sort out so we didn’t have our cool head on photo.

A big thank you to Edward & Ball.

They were stars.

And finally a huge thank you to Nancy.

It was Dreamy that got the ball rolling but it was Nancy who guided us through the tough bits:-

the contract details,

work visas,

sorting out the hotel,

the freight,


travel logistics,


and so much more.

A final image from Hong Kong.

How about this offering to the Sea Goddess we spotted in Shau Kei Wan Typhoon shelter?


Let’s go for this.

The lovely Nancy waving Goodbye at the airport.