Creating bespoke worlds

for 40 years

October 2020

We are halfway through a self imposed 1 year lockdown.

Why are we not performing?

Here is a clue:-

Before March 2020 the small, enclosed and intimate nature of our performance tent was a major asset in our attempts to create imaginative, engaging and immersive worlds.

Post March 2020 we live in a different real world where we now have to think different.

Fortunately that’s one of the things we do.

We have ideas and possible solutions we think will make our tent a safe place for audiences.

We will be testing these over the next couple of months.


For Theatre/family audiences - Project “Snow Globe


For Schools: - Project “Bubble Theatre

see you in April


Jenny & Bill

QUESTION: How will it all work?

CLUE: Outdoor theatre is supposed to be

safer than indoor theatre, so, let’s do

Outdoor theatre Indoors.

Check back

next month

for more info.


Bond is planning to come back at the same time as us!