The Sun rises over a buzzing desert,

a chick hatches.

The Eagle leaves the nest

in search of food.


the Meerkats

are alert.

The journey begins.


Where the snow

and the wind,

the cold and the ice

provide a harsh

but beautiful background

for the setting sun at  journey’s end.


Where the meerkats,lizards, snakes and scorpions battle

each other

but all live under the constant threat of danger from above...

...the ever circling Eagle searching for prey.


Where Apes and even

the butterflies,

spiders and


are all drawn to

a clutch of eggs

on the riverbank

but, the Crocodile is always on guard.


A crowded kaleidoscope

of constant movement,

the large and the small,

the speedy and the slow,

the beautiful and the ugly,

the familiar and the bizarre.

It is Theatre for all.

Originally created for children aged 6 to 9 we soon discovered that there were in fact no real upper or lower age limits.

The non verbal base and the narrative accessibility also means that the work is appropriate for children where English is not their first language, for children with little or no experience of live theatre and, in the right circumstances*, for children with moderate and severe learning difficulties.

* following consultation with the Company.

Landscapes has toured extensively throughout the U.K. and Ireland.

It has been presented in Spain, Denmark, Canada, the U.S.A. and Singapore.

Recent tours include two to China: in Macau and Hong Kong.

In 2015 it featured in the first ever U.S. International Children’s Puppet Festival, which was held in San Antonio - Texas.

Below are images and quotes,

starting with our favourite:-

“Is this real, or am I dreaming?”

Haley, aged 7, Beech Hill School - Halifax

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& quotes

“Landscapes is by far one of the most mesmerising children’s theatre pieces I’ve ever seen...a sublimely intimate affair.

Mimika’s  finely-crafted props and set had the children in attendance transfixed right from the start.”

The Calgary Sun, Canada

“The illusion is enveloping. The skill in their making and the range of techniques used is stunning.”

The Herald Glasgow

“Spells are woven silently...Mimika Theatre brought, in Landscapes, an alluring invitation to the desert, the rain forest the South Pole and even under the sea. This is true transformation, the imagination set free...”

The Scotsman

“I can honestly say that I found Landscapes to be one the most exciting, moving, educational performances I have ever seen and I now know what people mean when they talk about “awe” and“wonder”. I saw it on every single child’s face as we watched this incredible show! All this without a work being spoken.”

Teacher Year 1 Bolton

The most delicate experience here is Landscapes. The show is performed without language and its stories are the basic, eternal tales of the wild.  Afterwards, Ward and Parkinson are happy to answer children’s questions, show off their puppets in full light and reveal their various tricks.

It only adds to the magic.

The Globe and Mail, Toronto

“There are good experiences in abundance and then there is Mimika Theatre - In a class of it’s own - such precision and style - the scale so right for the children - such a carefully presented experience... Come back soon!”

Head Teacher Norwich

“Your production was an oasis of delight and a touch of magic for our children. Thank you so much. The children will hold it in their memory for a long time to come.”

Head Teacher Bradford

“I would like to thank you both for

the most fantastic theatrical experience.

Both myself and the group of adults and

children that saw Landscapes last weekend

were absolutely spellbound. Having worked

for years at the BBC, I have been to hundreds

of shows, and now take the children regularly

to the theatre.

We all agreed that it was one of the best shows

we had ever seen and definitely the best children’s

theatre I have ever been to.

It had a wonderful serenity and to create such an

atmosphere that 5-6 year old boys sat motionless

and enthralled was incredible. I wish you could have heard them talking about it afterwards. I hope we see the show in London again sometime.”

Member of the audience Lyric Hammersmith

“Landscapes wove an enchanting tale before our very eyes. Secure inside a special tent, away from the bustle of city life, the audience was absolutely captivated.

Youngsters and grown-ups too watched in silence as

creatures on land and sea moved

about in their natural habitats.

The puppets were exquisite and so life-like, the choreography almost therapeutic

and the music echoed creature sounds.

We were indeed privileged travellers

on a unique journey across the

landscapes of the world.

The performance didn’t need words

to make it an unforgettable experience.

It was pure magic.”

Telegraph & Argus Bradford, Yorkshire, England

“Landscapes, the England’s Mimika Theatre, is the wordless magic of the small, the quiet, the personal. It conjures, in succession, four worlds and lets them gradually sink in.

There’s something dreamy about a pace that you might call gentle or leisurely, except that it’s carefully calibrated to create a sense of anticipation and event. Landscapes always acknowledges the theatrical framework of the piece: this is not high-tech magic.

The languid rhythms of the environments are broken by sudden, darting appearances (monkeys, a gorilla hand reaching for an alligator egg).

And the finale happens at the South Pole as the wind blows, a seal peruses the landscape and a penguin egg hatches.

It’s a charmer of a show from a hospitable couple.”

Edmonton Journal, Canada

“On Monday a white tent appeared in the school hall, we all knew it was Mimika Theatre again. Last time they were brilliant, this time they were unbelievable!

There was so much to take in we all felt like we had been on a journey of sights, sounds and smells around the world.

Mimika Theatre was brilliant - we all loved it and really hope Trinity has them back soon!”

James & Tom. Holy Trinity School, Ripon

“A magical world that will hold both adults and children completely spellbound.

Landscapes is a unique show featuring puppets, mime, lights and sound which was designed to communicate through atmosphere.

No words are spoken but an original soundtrack leads the audience from the desert to the coral reef to the rain forest and the Antarctic. And the chatter of mesmerised children only adds to the power of this intimate theatrical experience.

Mimika Theatre was founded by Jenny Ward and Bill Parkinson in 1981 since when they have acquired a national reputation the their highly accessible and visual productions.

All the puppets are superbly crafted and their movements are so gracefully choreographed that it is easy to forget they are not real.

The visual effects are stunning. This rich, gentle experience is almost dreamlike and it is certain to stimulate your imaginations.”

Newsletter, Belfast

“Landscapes” - a show that should enchant audiences of any age. The show is housed in a renovated courtroom in Landmark Centre, but the English duo that bills itself as Mimika Theatre has set up a tent within the room.

Inside the tent, a trick- and trap-filled wooden stage is the scene for a wondrous little creation about the world of wild things.

This is the kind of puppetry that can frequently be seen performed by Minneapolis’ In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. Mimika Theatre’s creations are just as imaginative, and if the scale is smaller, the intimacy of the performance- and of course, the whimsical, camp-out thrill of being inside a tent- makes the experience one for the memory books.

Pioneer Press Minneapolis

“Thank you so much for giving us such a fabulous experience. The children enjoyed every moment of it. The language the experience created has been brilliant! The children wanted to stay in the tent, they loved it so much.”

Teacher Year 2 Leeds

“The children were so excited that Mimika were visiting our school. The whole experience was magical and the children were animated throughout the performance. Children talked abut the experience for days and many were inspired to make their own puppets in class from a variety of materials. Jenny and Bill were very professional and interacted with the children in a calm and informative way making the children feel very special. Please come back again!”

Reception Teacher Manchester

“It does not need me to tell you what a magical experience your theatre provided for the pupils last week. Rapt attention and gasps of wonder as each successive animal performed its part must have told you already. Don’t bother to ask if we want to have your next theatre production in school - simply book us in and let us know the date.”

Head Teacher Harrogate

A 45 minute non-verbal exploration of the




and sounds

of four contrasting areas

of the natural world.

A theatre of

remarkable visual effects and transformations

all set inside a beautiful calico dome.


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