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We did a performance at a Festival in the North East of England.

Two people approached us and asked

"Could you do this inside a tent?"

"Sorry, do you mean put our tent up inside another tent?"



"In a field, in St. Albert in Alberta in Canada."

We thought about it and said okay.

But only if this other tent was 100% waterproof,

that our tent was on a dry base

and it needed to be secure overnight.

"Fine" they said, and left.

An invitation came a couple of months later and a year after

that we arrived with our tent in a field in Alberta.

This was the tent they set up for us.

This was the platform they built.

Then this man arrived

in this fabby car,

complete with

a portable stove,

portable fridge,

2 TVs

(for watching Hockey)

and his job?

- to stay in our tent overnight.

All the performance and activity tents were spread out over a large area.

After every performance a crew would arrive at our tent in a buggy.

"You Guys okay,

want some coffee, muffins?"

If we asked for something they didn’t have they made a radio call

and five minutes later another buggy would race over t to deliver it.

How cool was that?

When we tour we also explore.

Referred to in-house as the “Bonus Bits.”

We had arrived in Alberta after performing at a Festival in Toronto (told you the chronology was going to be


While we were there we visited Niagara Falls.

After Alberta we went to stay with a friend in Vancouver.

To get there we travelled on the best bit  of the Canadian Pacific Railway - the section through the Rockies.

If you would like to find out more about this and see some pictures then just just click on the BONUS BITS button.


tent in

a Tent

In which we visit

Canada for the

first time