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Performing at the Flint Hills International Festival in St. Paul’s Minnesota we met Jan and Lisbet from Denmark.

tent in


In which we meet

a man from

350 B.C.

A year later we were invited to perform in Randers and Silkeborg.

So, ferry to Esbjerg and a drive up to Aarhus.

We stayed with Jan and Lisbet in their beautiful cottage in  Uggelhuse.

Which just happened to be on a Fjord.

The first shows were here in Randers.

Interesting Cultural Note:

Our shows are non verbal but we do talk during the introduction and in the post show session.

In China we needed an interpreter.

In Spain we needed an interpreter.

In Denmark non needed.

Imagine that, a tent full of 7 year olds all speaking wonderful English.

The next shows were here in Silkeborg Museum.

Our actual venue was the Museum’s Lecture theatre, which was fine, but the exciting bit was the thing in a room next door - Tollund Man.

We will give you a link below where you can find out more about him. We were lucky enough to spend a couple of days in his company (basically every spare minute between shows).

The Museum Director came to see the tent and then spent an hour telling us all about Tollund Man, the excavation, the preservation and a few secrets.

It is a remarkable artifact and we were thrilled to experience it.

Here is the promised link.