small worlds

An extraordinary fusion of digital animation and traditional puppetry.

A 50 minute non verbal performance for children aged 5 - 11...

small worlds takes 1 day

replays it 5 times

and shows that day through the eyes of 5 very different creatures.

The Bug

A bug is knocked out of its world and down into another.

It spends the day climbing up

to join its friends.

The creatures & their stories

The Fox

A Fox cub wakes up and wonders about the world outside.

So it wanders out and wanders about,

but does it wander too far?

The Cat

A lonely Cat in a dirty alley expects a bad day but it

becomes something worse,

it becomes a nightmare.

With 3 of its 9 lives lost

will it make it through

to the end of the day?

The Girl

A little Girl plays with her  balloon,

a sudden gust of wind

and the balloon is gone.

She sets off in pursuit.

Will she catch the balloon?

The Goose

A young Goose swims, plays

and chases butterflies.

At the end of the day

will it be able to do

what it has to do,

will it be

able to fly?

Where a wooden set becomes a flowing river,

doors open to reveal

moving images,

characters come off the screen into the real world,

meadows and  forests

simply pop up,

and a cat and a girl

dream their stories.

With an immersive soundtrack, a unique fusion of the traditional and the digital

small worlds is gentle, intimate and magical theatre.


Mundos pequeños (small worlds)

“A surprising combination of real images, digital animation and miniature landscapes to create a unique universe inhabited by different animals.

Beautiful, complex and captivating: three words to describe this show by the English company Mimika Theatre.

In a world they themselves have created, there is a kind of tent under which all the action takes place; a multidisciplinary cubicle containing a series of ecosystems, each featuring a different animal.

The ecosystems are thus related so that the endings of all the different stories are interwoven. In each one, a brief, intimate story takes place where the featured animal tries to overcome obstacles, discover something or make a decision. They are little fables that can be easily applied to everyday life.

The most fascinating thing about this exercise in style is its creative mise-en-scène. Music that accompanies the mood of each story, miniatures brought to life in the experienced hands of the troupe's members and lighting that transports us to a magical, mysterious world are just some of the elements that make this children's show a real delight for adults.”

esMADRID - Festival Teatralia.

“The production that moved me the most was the world premiere of Mimika Theatre (UK)’s Small Worlds. Six inspiring stories, told through six characters living in one small world under a white tent. Yes all thirty of us audience members (made up of mostly children and a few adults like myself) were invited into the intimate white tent and a magical story unfolded through film, visual theatre and puppetry.

The wordless production had both the children and adults totally engaged and mesmerized that speech became not important.

I was struck by the intricate details on the small puppets and the very well structured dramaturgy, in linking the six stories into one small world. I became a child again, playing and enjoying with the other children.”

JEFFREY TAN National Arts Council. Singapore.

“The show today was absolutely amazing. So much attention to detail, so many different mediums to stimulate the senses. My nearly 4 year old son and my 5 month old sat engrossed throughout the show. You must have put so much effort into creating this masterpiece. Well done, keep up the great work!”

Audience member - Stratford Circus London

“Mimika Theatre’s ‘Small Worlds’ is a delicate delight.

It is a show of intricate craftsmanship, where detail is paramount: a butterfly puppet the size of a finger-nail; the twitching tale of a sleeping cat, the gentle sleeping bodies of the foxes. This is truly small-scale theatre.

The show has a lovely, slow, dream-like pace. This is no ‘crash! bang! wallop! piece of children’s theatre.

It is gentle and soothing, although it does have its darker moments.

The show lasts just 50 minutes and children leave the tent slightly hypnotized. ”

David Longford Education Manager The Royal Centre. Nottingham

“Last summer term Mimika Theatre visited our school for one magical week.  From the moment the enormous domed tent appears in the school hall we knew something special was about to happen.

Children from right across the school attended a performance in class groups and they were completely entranced by what they saw and heard.  Story-telling which brought in such a wide range of unusual ideas, ingenious contraptions, mysterious sounds.

Imagination was at the heart of it all and the children were encouraged to open up their own minds  -  a remarkable mix of old-fashioned story-telling and  technological wizardry.

Bill and Jenny were quite brilliant with the children, not least in their willingness and enthusiasm to answer all manner of weird and wonderful questions after every performance.

The follow-up work on Small-Worlds by the children showed how inspired they were, adding so much  value to an amazing and memorable experience for them.  I am so glad I managed to make it to the last show of the week!  My only regret was that I was unable to see it all a second time.

We have had many visitors in our school, but Mimika Theatre really was extra special and I would highly recommend other schools to find a temporary home for the magical dome!”

Headmaster - Warwick

Following a World Premiere in Singapore

and a European Premiere in Madrid

small worlds is now available for booking

by Venues and Schools in the UK.

Gallery & Quotes

“The whole entire performance was magical and addictive.

I could watch it again and again, and never get bored.”

Ubaid Ahmed aged 10 years

“small worlds was fabulous and spell binding. I have never seen anything like it and it was a once in a lifetime experience. It was like reading a story however you brought that story to life.”

Jeevan, aged 9 years.

“The performance made me feel like I was in that small world on my own. Like I was the butterfly myself fluttering around.

It was spectacular I also found it mysterious,

and moreover, entertaining.”

Lena aged 10 years

...and it all takes place inside a beautiful, white calico dome.

Will it get back?

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