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As with the other shows Seasons will feature a blend of animation and puppetry.

For Seasons we are developing a new technique - micro animation.

As with “Landscapes” and “small worlds” it will be:-

a non-verbal performance,

housed inside a dome shaped portable theatre,

available for schools, theatres and non-theatre venues.

It will be suitable for:-

children aged 4 to 11

family audiences

children with special educational needs

children for whom English is not their first language

children with little, or no, experience of live theatre.

As with “Landscapes” and “small worlds” it will

present the events that occur in a single day...

...but in Seasons that single day is an entire year.

What is it?

What is it about?

What will it be like?

When will it be available?

What is it?
What is it about?

It will recreate the contrasting moods, rhythms, sights, sounds and atmospheres of

Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn,

each Season presented in a different style and manner,

each Season employing different presentational techniques.

What will it be like?

After two and a half years of writing, testing, building and experimenting we are now undertaking the construction of the third show in our Sunrise trilogy.

micro animation!

What’s that all about?

Here is a hint.

In “small worlds” we used props to create small worlds.

In “Landscapes” we used sets to create different landscapes.

For Seasons we are developing

micro props.

micro props!

And where would we set a deckchair made from matchsticks?

In a micro set.

A seaside made from

lollipop sticks.

When will it be available?

Originally planned for late 2018 the news that we have been commissioned to create another new show for 2019 means that we have to put back the first performances to January 2020.

Check back here for updates.

One totally new technique we have been developing is 3D Shadow Puppetry.

3D Shadow Puppetry!

What on earth is that?

Well it’s very new,

it’s very exciting

and it’s very Hush Hush.


As with “Landscapes” and “small worlds” it will feature:-

clear and accessible narratives,

an immersive soundscape,

unusual theatrical transitions

and original lighting effects.

In every new show we attempt to develop and include new techniques.

Sorry to tease but we have very good reasons for not lifting the lid on that just yet.