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Technical Specifications - Schools

We need:-

- Access to 2(two) 13 amp pug points

  1. -5 Hours to set up (assuming easy access)

- 3 Hours to take down (assuming easy access)

The performances take place inside a dome shaped calico tent.

“small worlds”


We need a clear, level space that is:-

7 m wide

11m deep

2.8 m high

Note: The tent occupies an area 7m x 7m, the additional area

requested is where the children assemble before they enter the tent.

The children gather outside the tent.

We introduce ourselves and explain what will be happening.

We then take the children into the tent

2 or 3 at a time.

The performances have been created for children aged 5 - 11.

Immediately after the performance there is an opportunity for the children to ask questions and see how the puppets and effects are created.

The total experience for each group lasts 1 hour.

The performances are presented to one class at a time.

A visit normally takes 2 or 3 days.