Mimika Theatre

Jenny Ward

B.Ed (Hons)

Special education & Drama

Bill Parkinson

B.Ed (Hons)

Human movement studies & English.

Mimika  is a two person Company formed in 1981.

We believe that children deserve the best so our primary aim is to create beautifully crafted theatre that can effectively communicate with a wide variety of young audiences.

Over 30 years the style, content and techniques have changed but there are two constants:-

The work is always non-verbal

The work is always accessible

        We exploit the power of the visual image

to both communicate with and hopefully

move our audiences. As the narrative and

the whole experience is nonverbal our work

can reach children for whom English

is not their primary language.

Another group that particularly enjoy the

work, and for whom we particularly enjoy

performing, are children who have never

experienced live theatre.

As this will be their first time we set the benchmark high.

The work is always gentle and highly original. Performances integrate movement, puppetry and unusual theatrical effects. We attempt to combine traditional and contemporary techniques to create an experience that is rich in content and detail.

We devise and create everything:-

the stories,

the sets,

the puppets,

the props,

the costumes,

the lighting effects,

the tent,

the soundtracks,

the films,

the animations,

the publicity,

the web site

and even the benches the audiences sit on.

Why do everything?

Well, we could say that it means we can achieve a consistency in terms of the look and feel of the finished work, and to some extent that is true, but the real reason is: We do it all because it’s fun.

On the plus side:-

If anything breaks, we made it

so we can mend it.

If something needs to be changed, ditto.

We get to wear many hats so no two

working days are the same.

On the down side:-

It takes a very, very long time to create

one of our shows.

Typically - over a year.

Back on the plus side:-

We also run shows for a very long time,

at least five years. If a school or festival

want a performance in July for example,

and were are already booked, then they

can have it next July or the year after.

The first year of performing a new show

is the “bedding in” period. This is when

the main changes and adjustments are

made. Even when a piece is more or less

“set” playing it to new audiences often

throws up new ideas and so the shows

continue to develop and evolve.

Effectively this means the shows are

always a “work in progress”.


We do not have a defined touring period

or pattern. If someone wants a particular

show at a particular time, and we are free,

then we do it.

We call it “perma-touring”.


The idea of performing inside a tented

structure came from the need to fully

exploit the visual aspects of our work.

The tent provides an intimate and

atmospheric environment where we

have total control over light, sound,

focus and mood.


We perform in schools, theatres, libraries,

village halls and arts centres - we can

perform in any indoor space large enough

to house the tent.

We tour locally, regionally, nationally

and internationally.

During the last ten years we have presented

work at International Children’s Theatre

Festivals in Scotland, Canada, Spain,

Denmark, the U.S.A., Singapore and

throughout the island of Ireland.

In May 2012 we presented “Landscapes”

at the 23rd. International Arts Festival in Macau, China.

If you would like to find out more about our work

please explore the rest of this website.

Jenny & Bill

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