If you would like to see some more pictures of the tent in a wide variety of venues then carry on scrolling down.

Banff Town Hall

Macrobert Arts Centre - Stirling

Our digital “best guess” at what the tent

would look like at The Egg in Bath.

What it actually looked like.

The Arc- Stockton

Brewery Arts Centre - Kendal

Brewery Arts Centre - Kendal

Warwick Arts Centre

In a tent

in a field in Alberta

in Canada.

Old Parliament Building -Singapore

Jersey Opera House

Royal Concert Hall - Nottingham

Teatro Pradillo - Madrid

Fundacao Oriente, Casa Gardens, Macau -China

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We were mainly working in

special schools and our primary aim was

gaining and retaining the attention of the


The tent transformed our ability

to do this. Once we closed the door they

were now in our world.

The design of the tent has evolved over

20 years. The biggest technical advance was

the creation of a second, light tight, skin.

This gave us complete blackout and allowed us

to introduce lighting into our work.

In theatre venues we take advantage of their blackout and, if a friendly technician is available, we use the theatre lights to enhance the appearance of the tent.

Of course where the tent really comes into its own is in non theatre venues, places where you would not normally expect to experience theatre. Here are a few examples of venues that have hosted the tent:-

A health centre - Galway.

The Manton Studio - Tate Britain.

The Anderson Gallery - Singapore Art Museum.

The Council Chambers - Sale.

The Old Naval College - Greenwich.

Aberdeen Art Gallery - Scotland.

Lighthouse Studio - Toronto.

A Courtroom - Minnesota.

In a Tent, in a Field - Alberta.

Silkeborg Museum - Denmark.

The Corn Exchange - Haddington.

The Gym in The White Rock Centre - Belfast.

Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos - Gijon.

The Old Parliament Building - Singapore.

Casa Gardens - Macau, China.

Tuen Mun Town Hall - Hong Kong

East Rotunda, Tobin Center - San Antonio

“Why don’t you make a bigger tent?”.

“Get more people in, earn more money!”

A larger tent would exclude smaller venues

but, more important, we would lose the

intimacy that is a key element in making

performances in this space special.

No member of the audience is more than

10 feet away from the action.

This allows us to work on a small and

human scale where detail is paramount.

The De Grey Ballroom - York

Ryhill Primary - Wakefield

Craigmillar Arts Centre - Edinburgh

Guildhall - Portsmouth

Town Hall - Kidderminster

LBT - Huddersfield

Left Bank - Leeds

Exhibition Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall - Hong Kong

So, where have we not been?

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The Lowry - Manchester

The George Hotel - Lichfield Festival

The Tobin Center - San Antonio, Texas